Shoulder pain is common in cricket because of the repeated actions of throwing and bowling.

The 3 rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor) are small group of stabilising muscles which help in stabilising shoulder during shoulder movements. Excessive use, improper technique or excessive strain can irritation of these tendons causing overload and resulting in Tendinopathies or tears.

Also remember flexibility is important and bowling & throwing just do not require shoulder movements. It’s a complete chain working from head to toe. We find lot of shoulder injuries in bowlers results due to Thoraco- Lumbar spine stiffness, pelvic instability and other flexibility issues.

How to prevent Shoulder Injuries

Cricket season is going to start soon (hopefully for us in Victoria too). As in lot of areas we can’t start pre-season training yet. So,let’s start doing strength training at home. (Video posted earlier in week).

Shoulder stability and functional strengthening exercises under the supervision of one of our physiotherapists can not only help prevent damage to the rotator cuff but may also improve throwing performance.

Also, a time to work on your bowling and throwing technique. Also remember to slow, increase your training once preseason starts.

Work on you generalised flexibilities.

How we can help

Our experienced physiotherapist’s can help by

  • Formulating a progressive Rotator cuff and shoulder strength exercise program whether in clinic or over tele health.
  • Treat associated shoulder and thoracic spine issues.
  • Work on your bowling or throwing techniques.
  • Physiotherapy treatment is to limit inflammation, promote healing of the injured muscles and tendons.

4 of our physiotherapists are active cricketers themselves, so understand the biomechanics and other physical aspects required for cricket. So, we can definitely try and help you with your cricket injuries and make your ready for the start of the season.

For more information please call on 1300 236 742 or visit to book an online appointment