Caroline Springs Medical Centre

40 Gourlay Rd, Hillside VIC 3037

Enrich Physio is a Physiotherapy Clinic near Caroline Springs

There are few physios near Caroline Springs – especially physiotherapists who can provide a diverse range of treatments and offer patients a tailored approach. In addition to providing sports physio near Caroline Springs, the Enrich team can offer massage treatments, tissue treatment and release, coaching, and more. Enrich Physio even offers shockwave therapy near Caroline Springs to patients who need it. Having a good physio is crucial if you’re an athlete – even just as a hobbyist. Consider choosing Enrich as your provider of sports physiotherapy near Caroline Springs.

Physical Therapist near Caroline Springs

At our clinic near Caroline Springs, we offer a diverse range of physio treatments and services to our patients. Our physios can provide ultrasound treatment, joint manipulation and muscular release, dry needling, taping, shockwave therapy, and continence therapy and coaching for women. We tailor our approach to develop a treatment plan that is best-suited to the needs and circumstances of each patient. Please contact us to book an appointment for an initial consultation.


Q: How long does shockwave therapy take to work?

A: Shockwave therapy is incredibly effective, and can often improve symptoms within a single treatment period if performed properly. We typically use the therapy in conjunction with other methods to achieve the best results.

Q: Is shockwave therapy effective?

A: Shockwave therapy is proven to be very effective. For many patients, it provides an almost immediate pain-relieving effect.

Q: Is shockwave therapy expensive?

A: Shockwave therapy is relatively inexpensive, given how effective it is. It may even be covered by Medicare if you have a doctor’s referral.