Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is a hands on treatment to soft tissue, restoring function, relieving pain, decreasing muscle tension and/or spasm to improve physical or athletic performance and promoting healing.

What is Remedial Massage ?
Remedial massage involves treating soft tissue abnormalities through hands-on manipulation; ultimately working to rehabilitate, maintain and enhance the body’s natural mobility. At Enrich Physio, we tailor each massage treatment to your needs, whether that’s untangling your knots after a stressful week, or working alongside our physios to speed up your post-injury recovery.
What is Sports Massage ?
Sports massage can work for anyone who is active, from a recreational athlete to an elite athlete. By targeting your most troublesome body parts, sports massage helps to improve performance, increase range and quality of movement, and prevent injury.

Sports massage can be used effectively to treat conditions such as tendonitis, strains, sprains, and muscle/fascial adhesions. Sports massage can also be used in conjunction with training schedules and conditioning programs to enhance performance, aid in recovery from competition and reduce the risk of injuries occurring.

Can I have massage when Injured or Having Physio Treatment?
Our massage therapists are fully qualified and are expert in identifying and diagnosing your injury and treatments are tailored accordingly. They work alongside our physios to speed up your post-injury recovery.
Can I avail Health Fund rebates?
Yes all our Massage therapists are registered with all the leading private health funds and on most occasion you can avail your rebates on the spot with our HICAPS machine.

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